Friday, 28 May 2010

My First Blog!

Heyheyheyy, woo first time blogging, its all a bit exciting...

I mainly set up this blog just to kinda follow my new shop on Etsy, the difficulties of being a newbie on there and being a student all in one!

Ya know the dillemmas you face I go get bread and milk or buy a new Stanley knife and steel rule to cut the leather with...!?

I set the shop up on May 19th, just after my end of Year 2 exams and completely hopeful that I had enough time, money (obviously I don't but hey) and patience to get Etsy going as a fully realised idea in a nice little online shop form.

I read through some uberly helpful blogs recently on newbie help and getting started, and so have had to do one little bit at a time, I'm not expecting any sales for quite a while yet, but I can definitely do the best with what I've got.

I was thinking maybe bump up the idea more of reclaiming, recycling, upcycling, doing-up, makin' fancy, all these phrases were really what I tried to cram into my Etsy username and Shop Name: SteamJunkyUk. It's got Steampunk in there (one thing I've been in to since the start of Uni :D). Junk is just awesome. Give me a box of old stuff from God knows when, a Junk Sale, a charity shop, I love picking up stuff, whether it be lotsa material and tshirts from the 50p rail, cut-offs from fabric places, old leather jackets are always good to salvage, the list goes on...
Annnd finally, the UK bit I put in just to make it clear of the little island over the sea lol. Etsy is a States-based thang, but I've seen plenty of awesome profiles and shops from all over the world, including little lonely Britain.

And so for now all I can hope for is lotsa promotion, some more items listed on there, some combat boots to paint from Dad (Santa's too far away) and for my boyfriend to finish his last exam today (Go Rhyyyyys :D) so that we can all go get trolleyed...

Not forgetting yet more Etsy scouring...bye fer nowwww!!

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